A course for Undergraduate (BA) and Graduate (MA) program students at Vilnius Academy of Arts:

  • The History of Interior Decoration in Europe and Lithuania (module HB0283).

Study trip:

Thesis review

Marius Daraskevicius is a theses reviewer for Undergraduate (BA) and Graduate (MA) final papers. Competences: architecture, interior, applied and decorative arts and design. Experience:

  • Final Theses of Art History/Art Criticism students;
  • Graduation Research Theoretical Works of Art and Design programmes (Graduation Project in Vilnius Academy of Arts is composed of two parts: Graduation Research Theoretical Work and Graduation Creative Project)
Master’s Graduation Project by Thomas Baranauskas, 2018, Vilnius Academy of Arts. Graduation Research Theoretical Work “Unification and individuality of the 20th century fashion history “, supervisor prof. dr (hp) Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, reviewer PhD candidate Marius Daraškevičius.