International conference “The 12th Baltic States Triennial Conservators” Meeting RESEARCH. DILEMM. SOLUTIONS”, 27-30 May 2020, Vilnius,  May 27-30  M. Daraškevičius is invited to read a short lecture: “Planning the Perfect Dining Room. The Influence of the Architectural Print Media is the Lithuanian Manor Houses in the 19th Century”. Conference page


International conference “Vilnius and Vilnius residents” organised by Lithuanian History Institute, 14-15th November 2019, Vilnius. M. Daraškevičius is invited to read a short lecture: “Perfect Dining Room. House planning peculiarities in the end of the 18th century in Vilnius. Case study of Tiesenhaus city house in Subačiaus street”.

17th Summer University dedicated to Food & Drink Studies, 25 August – 1 September, 2019. Research visit (summer university), organised by the Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation (IEHCA). M. Daraškevičius was awarded with a  scholarship. Since 2003, the IEHCA’s summer university has served as a key platform for the discussion of new research in Food & Drink Studies. Teaching duration 35 hours (five two-hours lecture/seminar classes, research presentations, individual tutorials, two practical sessions). Academic co-directors: Pierre-Antoine DESSAUX, Professor d’histoire, Université de Tours (France) and Sara PENNELL : Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Université de Greenwich (UK).

Summer Course: Nineteenth International Baroque Summer Course of the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation. Theme: FESTIVALS – Staging the City. 23-27 June, 2019, Einsiedeln, Switzerland. M. Daraškevičius is invited to read a short lecture: “Four reasons for the fireworks or ‘Artis Magnae Artilleriae’ (1650) as a basic artillery and pyrotechnics manual for over a century”. Organization: dr. Anja Buschow Oechslin (Einsiedeln), prof. dr. Axel Christoph Gampp (Uni Basel), prof. dr. Stefan Kummer (Uni Würzburg), prof. dr. Werner Oechslin (Einsiedeln), prof. dr. Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zürich). Programme (.pdf).

6th International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in East European Art History. Berlin, May 3th, 2019, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, M. Daraškevičius read a short lecture:Decently Dining: Modernizing Dining Rooms and Related Spaces in Lithuanian Manor Houses in the 19th Century. Programme (.pdf).

2019 ICOMOS regional meeting “Rural Heritage: Landscapes and Beyond”, organised by ICOMOS Lithuania, The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association to comemorate the International Day of Monument and Monument Protection, 2019 April 27, Aristavile Manor (The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania). M. Daraškevičius read a short lecture “Planning of the manor house spaces in Lithuania in the 19th century”, and together with LRT RADIO journalist Dariuš Malinovski played satirical readings after the Artūras Bartelis’ album “Lunch to Neighbor“. 

At the annual meeting of the Union of Restorers of the Republic of Lithuania, 25th April 2019, Vilnius. M. Daraškevičius read a short lecture: “Planning of the manor house spaces in Lithuania in the 19th century”. The meeting took place at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius.



IV International Scientific Congress The State of Research on Multicultural Heritage in the Old Commonwealth, 3–5 October 2018, Rzeszów (Poland). M. Daraškevičius read a short lecture: Modernisation of the 19th century Dining Culture: Case Study of Tyszkiewicz Family’s Horodna and Ostrow Manor Houses’ Tableware. Organized and financed by: National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage AbroadThe European Cultural Heritage Research InstitutePodkarpackie VoivodeshipUniversity of Bialystok.

Summer Course: Nineteenth International Baroque Summer Course of the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation. Theme: MEMORIA. 24-28 June, 2018, Einsiedeln, Switzerland.  M. Daraškevičius read a short lecture: “Remembrance of the Commonwealth: Baroque Danzig Furnishing in Lithuanian Nobilities Manor Houses in Nineteenth Century”. Organization: dr. Anja Buschow Oechslin (Einsiedeln), prof. dr. Axel Christoph Gampp (Uni Basel), prof. dr. Stefan Kummer (Uni Würzburg), prof. dr. Werner Oechslin (Einsiedeln), prof. dr. Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zürich).

Biennial International Meetings of the European Architectural History Network, Tallinn 2018, June 13-16, National Library of Estonia. The conference featured five thematic parallel sessions on all three days, ranging from panels on reinterpreting the rediscovery of antiquity in Renaissance to critical retakes on the UN Development programmes and a round table that asks a question about the usefulness of the term “Eastern Europe”. There were three keynote presentations by leading architectural historians – Christine Stevenson from the Courtauld Institute, Krista Kodres from the Estonian Academy of Arts and Reinhold Martin from Columbia Univeristy. Supported by the European Social Fund, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the City of Tallinn and the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

International Conference: Visual and Material Culture Exchange across the Baltic Sea Region, 1750-1850. Berlin, Germany, 22-24 March 2018. M. Daraškevičius presented short lecture: “From the East to the West: the Influence of the German Architectural Print Media on the Lithuanian Manor Houses in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century. Organizers. prof. Michelle Facos (Indiana University-Bloomington) and Bart Pushaw (University of Maryland). This conference is sponsored by Indiana University-Bloomington, and was held at IU’s Berlin Gateway in Kreuzberg.

National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania, 24 April 2018. M. Daraškevičius presented public lecture: “Coffeehouse culture in Lithuania“. 



ICOMOS 19th General Assembly & Scientific Symposium 2017: Heritage and Democracy, New Delhi, India, 2017 December 11-15, Poster presentation (together with assoc. prof. dr. Dalė Puodžiukienė): VUCA factors and historical realities: Lithuania and its heritage 1918-2018.

43rd International Congress for the History of Pharmacy, Warsaw, 2017 September 12-15 Message: “Still room in Lithuanian manor houses”.

June 23, 2017. Vinco Grybo Memorial Museum in Jurbarkas will read a public lecture “Trionfo da tavlola! Dining Culture and Porcelain in Samogitian Manor”. Org. VšĮ Manor Culture and Vinco Grybo Memorial Museum. More

June 17, in Vilnius during the public event of the “Žolynų turgus”, gave a lecture “The Manor’s Still room: Storage of Drugs, Stills and Delicacies”. Organizer of the event: Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center.

June 9, Babtyno (Žemaitkiemis) manor read a lecture “Dining Room – Central Home Axis”.

May 23-34, Participated in the International conference in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania – introduction to Lithuanian state restoration centenary celebration, Org. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius.

May 20, At the memorial apartment-museum of Beatriče Grincevičiutė, in Vilnius. Public lecture “The dining room of the manor. Ilguva Manor Culinary Heritage “. The lecture is part of the Museums Night 2017 program.

May 12, The 20th JM Conference “K. Šešelgio Readings – 2017 “, Vilnius (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Architecture), Oralpresentation: Dumb Waiter in the Lithuanian Nobilities Homes in the 19 Century “. The VGTU Rector’s Diploma was given for the best report of the conference.


December 9, Scientific conference “Vilnius Workshops II “(org. Vilnius University). Oral presentation: “Dining room modernisation in the 19th Century”.

November 22-23, participated in the scientific conference “Intelligent architectural heritage protection: mission (not possible)” organized by the State Commission for Cultural Heritage.

October 6, Oral presentation “Dining room of the Trakų Vokė Manor House” in the architectural project “White Wall” organized by Trakų Vokė Manor House.

May 11, Public lecture “From the Hall to the Dining Room: Lithuanian dining tradition in 17-20 Century” at the Wroblewski library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.